g2d_7965Vincenzo Grieco is a professional musician, guitar player, composer and guitar teacher from Rome, Italy. Bachelor of Arts in Popular Music, in more than 25 years he’s been working as a session man, composer, arranger and music teacher in many different situations. During these years he also collaborated with some specialized guitar magazines such as „Guitar Club“, „Chitarre“ and „Axe“. He’s the founder of the Rock-Blues band „Vincenzo Grieco and T.H.E. Rome Blues Authority“.

At the moment he’s also working as a composer for documentary soundtracks and he’s teaching guitar in several music schools in Rome. He’s currently collaborating with the online portal „MusicOff“. From December 2015 he’s producing his original music in his own studio in Rome, Italy. For further information about his music: VincenzoGrieco.it | YouTube.com/VincenzoGrieco | Facebook.com/VincenzoGrieco76

Vincenzo made a great video with our profiles. Amp profile used in the Video: Bognar XTC

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