Ab sofort können die fantastischen handgemachten Hawk Guitar Picks auch über Guidorist.com bestellt werden. Guido Bungenstock’s Custom Picks sind ebenfalls in Kürze lieferbar.

Every single Hawk pick is unique. Each one is individually handmade, sanded and polished, giving you the power of perfect tone right in your hands. Hawk picks are extremely similar to real turtle shell in sound and feel giving you an unparalleled playing experience with rich, warm tone.
Unlike “scratchy-sounding” acrylic picks, Hawk picks give you smooth, dynamic and accurate picking, coupled with low string friction, resulting in greater control and increased speed.
We make picks in lots of different shapes and sizes. Some will be very  familiar, whilst others are unique to Hawk.


Our bevels help you play more accurately and can increase speed too. We offer three types of edge bevel; standard, right and left. The bevels mimic the play wear that you get with regular usage of the pick.

Standard Bevel
Standard Bevel has a rounded, uniform edge all the way round the pick and allows for a smooth playing style. The pick can be used straight onto or at an angle to the strings with great results.

Custom Right Bevel
Choose this option if you angle the front face of the pick towards the headstock – our most popular option and it’s how most right handed players hold their picks.

Custom Left Bevel
Choose this option if you angle the front face of the pick away from the headstock – Most left handed players order this option.