March 19th 2015 Modern Rock Guitar Workshop

A comprehensive guitar workshop, which is conceptual way and is aimed at beginners, advanced and professional musicians alike. With the optimal balance between theory and practice, participants will learn to understand how their own musical horizons can be expanded.

The MODERN ROCK GUITAR – Workshop emphasis on playing together, development and the interaction between the participants. The main focus topics such as rock improvisation, melody and guitar typical expression extensively. For this, the participants special jam tracks available. The accompanying score will be published subsequently on www.guidorist.com.

“A conceptual rock guitar workshop that will bring all guitarists a giant step forward.”

The aim of the workshop is to overcome one’s musical boundaries and reach the free expression opportunity on his instrument in accordance with the individuality.

The next workshop date will take place on 03/19/15 at No.1 Guitar Center Hamburg in the cozy “Crossroads Café” instead. Participant spaces can be reserved at the shop already (Reservation recommended because of the limited spaces!).

Content of the workshop

Blues & Rock Licks

Various Modes
Harmony in Rock, Pop & Jazz
Inside/Outside Playing
Open Chords

Riffs & Grooves
Rhythm Examples
Odd Meters

style analysis
Development of the own style
Back to the roots?

How I practice right?
Opportunities for further education
Self-taught, advantages and disadvantages
Sight Reading
The “right” equipment
Working in studio
Live performance