Kemper Amp Profiles

  • I’m thrilled. His profiles are very well done, very fat sound, great job!Michael Wagener
  • Awesome job on profiling the XTC Guido, spot on! Marco Sfogli
  • Your won! Congratulations! The best XTC I´ve ever heard!Gitarrenschlumpf
  • The Bogner xtc pack is just awesome!Geurtsema
  • Wow, the Bogner sounds incredible! You got me as a client!Michael Mellner
  • The new JSX got more treble & hair! Good job!Kempermaniac
  • Awesome profiles!Dome Caligula
  • Thanks mate! I am very pleasantly surprised. These profiles kick ass!Daddo Oreskovich
  • The clean and crunch with a Fender Strat are amazing!Roland Heidersdorf
  • The Bogner pack is a killer!Eltzeljupp
  • Bought the XTC pack, totally impressed and highly recommendAndy King

COMPLETE PACKAGES Complete profile package of one amp for only € 4.99
BEST OF PACKAGES Our hand-picked selection of 9 amps for only € 35.00
SINGLE PACKAGES A single profile of one specific amp for only € 2.99
BIG PACKAGES Big profile packages of many amps starting at € 35.00
ERSTE HILFE Persönliches Kemper Coaching in Hamburg ab € 69.00