This new SOLO GUITAR – PACKAGE FOUR contains 10 melodic Rock Licks that Guido Bungenstock impressively demonstrates by using typical phrasing techniques like bending, vibrato, slide, tapping and much more. All is explained in detail at different speeds how to build sophisticated melodic rock solos. As usual all technical nuances are shown in the...

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improvisation with the new Kemper Amp Delay

Guido Bungenstock is back again with a new video demonstrating how great the new Kemper Profiling amp delays sound (OS 5.0) A dreamy guitar sound that sits in big cloud. Get the PVY JSX 2.0 with this new extraordinary delay here at the shop >>

Jam w/ Guido Bungenstock, Frank S. Mueller & Fabian Ratsak

Jeff Beck – Never Alone | Cover by | Guido Bungenstock | Frank S. Mueller | Fabian Ratsak Three german guitar players on an extraordinary Jeff Beck tribute video! Equipment used during this video session: Guido Bungenstock – Music Man Luke II & Kemper Amp These profiles are available in the shop: Martial JayTea | Bognar XTC Frank S...

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June 25th 2016 Modern Rock Guitar Masterclass

As part of the No.1 Crossroads Guitar Festival on June 25th/26th. This masterclassis open to all guitarists who need new impulses for their solo playing and want to improve in the areas of technique, improvisation and phrasing. A comprehensive guitar masterclass, which is conceptual way and is aimed at beginners, advanced and...

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New Kemper Amp profiles

Guido Bungenstock creates in collaboration with the 48 Volt Studio Hamburg and Joe Calvanelli of excellent Kemper® Amp profiles for guitar & bass (Bognar XTC, Pvy JSX, Soldariu Hot Rod & Martial JayTea, Martial Brit 800/900 & Voice 15 Combo, Pvy 5xx0, Me Boo One Refire & Antpak AsWeTe)! Simply the best currently...

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