Solo Guitar Packages with jam track and transcription

All SOLO GUITAR PACKAGEs  are shown in professional looking layout and include typical guitar phrasing techniques like Bending,  Vibrato, Slide, Tapping etc. A guarantee for many hours of fun practice.

Every SOLO GUITAR PACKAGE(Download) contains:

Thinking Of You

1. Jam track with Drums, Bass & Keyboard(without guitar)
2. Original transcription as pdf and Guitar Pro 6® Format
3. HD Video(1280×720) in MPEG 4 Format
4. Original HQ mp3

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In this wonderful guitar ballad “Thinking Of You” of GUIDO BUNGENSTOCK impressively demonstrates the perfect combination of soulful melodies and the use of various playing techniques such as advanced bending, vibrato bar gimmicks, slides, speed picking and much more. But also the use of classic blues licks makes this SOLO GUITAR – PACKAGE ONE  to an extraordinary practice tool.


mqdefault-22The progressive rock fusion track “Behind the Hill” GUIDO BUNGENSTOCK begins with a distinctive guitar riff that brings back that memories of the 90s hard rock era, followed by a fusion part with a catchy hook line over jazzy chords. In the solo part on a half-time groove Guido shows again his versatile skills. All fans of progressive songs will love this awesome SOLO GUITAR – PACKAGE TWO.