Terri Green

Band :
Title : A Soul Dedication
Release Date : 1. November 2008
Format : Digital Download

Enjoy life! Travel the world at large. Music for the soul.”
This could describe Tags Terris first album.
Terri Green’s positive nature, her lively temperament are being felt in all songs. So it goes in the titles mostly partnership and love. Terri Green is a true creative artist, as well as their full size counterparts from the “good old days”. All original title comes from her pen. The melodies to their songs they have written themselves. As a songwriter, she was already on Lutrica McNeal and Chris Norman.

Now she has one year to go work on her own solo album behind him and is pleased with her music and her band finally on stage. With its carrying contralto she takes the listener into a beautiful soundscape. From danceable groove, over-suspicious catchy songs to the emotional ballad us Terri Green gives her songs a varied debut album.

The album was produced in New York, LA, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Brisbane.

Tell me what you want (t. Bjerre / t. Abrolat)
Begins with the chorus and with the onset of the rhythm section is clear to us where the journey: back in the 80s as George Benson, Quincy Jones, Soul 2 Soul and were the Blow Monkeys in the charts. Crisp horns, funky guitars, soaring strings melody, a melody and a sax solo, which remain in the ear build on this tradition.

Give me one more chance (t Bjerre / t. Abrolat)
From the first chord to the chanting and Terri Green, we are invited on a trip to the good old days of soul music as the orchestra Love Unlimited Orchestra by Barry White or Donald Byrd Hardbob Dance Band. Repeatedly heard the refrain, “give me one more chance” and dissolves at the end in an Adlib to dance and large string ensemble. The guitars in the style of James Taylor take over and the reprise one last time …

Everything I do (t. Bjerre / t. Abrolat)
This is accompanied by a groovy bass Terris floating melody to chorus. And this makes us believe the words: Everything I do is real good mood. By the end there will be more and the track swings to Terris “I steal a star for you tonight.”

It’s Your Love (A. Danish, t. Bjerre, t. Abrolat)
A beautiful winged song that reminds Intstrumentierung great, lots of wood and sheet metal and a great sax solo at the time of Earth Wind and Fire and The Emotions. Terri Green’s voice is really smoky and leads towards the end in a typical Motown turnaround.

You and me (t. Bjerre / t. Abrolat)
The track is also instrumented large. With Terri’s You and me can make his treasure a true joy. The song is grooved, a great mix of old and new sound Kompostionskunst. The interplay of voice and band really fits the title: You and me a partnership for life.

Forever You (t. Bjerre / t. Abrolat)
With the gentle sound leaned against Burt Bacharach and Dionne Warwick Terris wonderful intimate and melancholic voice floats over the harmonies. Here we realize that Terri not only has a great voice, but has a wide distinctive Old. Yes a partially rapt hypnotic state is achieved. Today that is probably easy listening. Earlier it was a lifestyle.

Should have seen it coming (t. Bjerre / sh dorff)
Together with the great Broadway composer Steven Dorff Terri wrote this item about life as a couple. In the style of Whitney Houston ballad sings Terri about the partnership and the long time zuzweit. Her voice carries the melody on the open harmonies and great song structure. A gospel-like Fine leaves a whow …

On the radio (G. Moroder, D. Summer) – new recording
Donna Summer as the Georgio Moroder track was recorded Terri still a little girl. It was for a long time, her absolute favorite song. Your new version of on the radio is a tribute and simultaneously pays homage to Terri’s second career. As Terri B. she is a respected house and dance music artist. Thus, the “Remix” by on the radio is also very danceable.

So far away (t. Bjerre / j. Mueller)
Even the acoustic soul is not missing on the album. So far away is kept very reduced and deposited only with an economical string melody. Otherwise, there are electric piano, and saxophone Rhytmuscombo. A little Sade? Why not.


TERRI GREEN (vocals)
Torsten Abrolat (Keys)
JOHAN Boback (piano)
Toddi REED (Saxophone)

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