Taurus Live

Band :
Title : Live
Release Date : 15. Dezember 2006
Format : CD

The first live album as an EP version of GUIDO BUNGENSTOCK‘s Band TAURUS shows the incredible joy of playing in this formation. Even the opening song “The Pump” (Jeff Beck, Tony Hymas) becomes evident, where the musical journey goes: Rocking melodic guitar sounds with plenty of room for improvisation and supported by a pulsating rhythm section. Already in his sweeping intro of his beautiful ballad “Thinking Of You” GUIDO BUNGENSTOCK demonstrates his fine ear for soulful melody, Goosebumps guaranteed! In “Redhouse” (Jimi Hendrix), he shows his bluesy side while MIKEL ALLEN shines with his warm soulful voice in this song. And also at the second Blues “Blues for Jeff” GUIDO BUNGENSTOCK pulls out all rock register and AXEL MEYER’s Rhodes piano solo is a hilight for every jazz listener. Especially noteworthy is JEROME LELLOUCHE’s groovy playing and his punchy drum sound throughout the album. The last track on this EP “Space Me” (recorded in his home studio) is a bonus track and a surprising mix of straightforward melody accompanied by complex chord progressions.

An absolute listening experience!

Note: This EP is only available on direct request from GUIDO BUNGENSTOCK:

Year: 2006
Style: Instrumental Rock
Line up:
Jerome Lellouche – Drums
Axel Meyer – Keyboards
Mikel Allen – Bass, Vocals
John Lahann – Bass on “The Pump”
Live at Music Club Live/Hamburg
01. The Pump(Jeff Beck, tony Hymas)
02: Thinking Of You- Extended Version(Guido Bungenstock)
03. Blues For Jeff(Guido Bungenstock)
04. Redhouse(Jimi Hendrix)
05. Space Me – Bonus Track(Guido Bungenstock)

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