Skype guitar lesson – 30 minutes


  • A 30 minutes long Skype guitar lesson
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The flexible timing SKYPE GUITAR LESSONS via Skype® from home or while on the road (hotel, holiday, office, etc.) for all ambitious guitarists who already may have some prior knowledge of technique and harmony. The content can be whatever you want, for example:

  • All typical guitar techniques
  • Improvements of your own style
  • Instructions to get a better player
  • Advanced improvisation
  • Harmonies
  • Rhythm & Groove
  • Tons of licks

and much more…

Simply select pay securely via PayPal or bank transfer. After the payment we’ll arrange a desired date for it.

System requirements

  • PC/MAC with latest Skype software
  • Webcam with at least 640 x 480 Pixel(or better HD)
  • Activation of Skype’s “automatic micro control”
  • Fast internet connection (at least 6 Mbit/s)
  • Be sure to have a bright room lighting and avoid loud room-noise
  • Place your guitar amp next to your computer
  • Set up a metronome
  • For optimal sound quality a headset plus 2nd mic for the guitar amp or a preamp/plug-in or Kemper Amp is strongly recommended. Since the Skype software only uses MONO and the LEFT channel, both mIcros/signals should be mixed together (via mixer or separate software).
  • Please check your audio/video connection necessarily beforehand with a friend!

Important note

For all Skype Guitar Lessons I use an Apple iMac 27″ with HD Camera (1280×720), a Headset, a Kemper Profiling Amp and a Telekom VDSL 50 Mbit/s line. This way I can garantee from my site a consistent 1st class connection but I’m not responsible for any technical issues during a session. Due to the fact that Skype produces some small latency it’s not possible to play together during a lesson. After every lesson I can provide a Guitar Pro 6/7 Tab or a backing Track (depending of the theme).

Already paid Skype Lesson/s can not be repaid if the guitar student canceled of any reason. A rescheduling of an already scheduled lesson time must be made at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise the claim to the lesson expires.


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