Modern Rock Guitar Workshop 4


A binding participants place for the Modern Rock Guitar Masterclass on June 25th 2016 (5PM – 6:30PM) at No.1 Guitar Center  in Hamburg/Germany. Buy Now (ticket for download *). The participants is limited to 25 people!

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Crossroads FestivalAs part of the No.1 Crossroads Guitar Festival on June 25th/26th. This masterclassis open to all guitarists who need new impulses for their solo playing and want to improve in the areas of technique, improvisation and phrasing.

A comprehensive guitar masterclass, which is conceptual way and is aimed at beginners, advanced and professional musicians alike.

„Advanced Solo Guitar – It’s all about music“

The aim of the masterclass is to overcome one’s musical boundaries and reach the free expression opportunity on his instrument in accordance with the individuality.

The next workshop date will take place on 06/25/16 (5PM – 6:30PM) at No.1 Guitar Center , Phoenixhof, Stahltwiete 16 in Hamburg/Germany. (Reservation recommended because of the limited sits!).

* Eligible to attend the workshop. No refund by cancellation of the participant.

Masterclass content


  • Bending
  • Vibrato
  • Speed
  • Tapping
  • Slide
  • Legato/Staccato
  • Blues & Rock Licks