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6 Kemper® Amp profiles of the Pvy JSX
(Seeking to re-create the sound of a Peavey® JSX)
A new completely re-profiled merged version can be purchased here

Recorded with
Sure SM 57/Audio i5
Nivi 1073 Preamps (Auro Audio Sidecar)
Bognar 4×12″ Celestina Vintage 30
(Needs at least Kemper® OS 3.0, the new delay settings need OS 5.0)

For licensing reasons, generic names are used here. Original brands were used during the profiling process!*

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Take a listen at these 1st class Kemper® Amp profiles.
(Played with Ernie Ball Music Man® Luke II Guitar)*
All additional effects are coming from the Kemper® Amp and can be activated or deactivated in every profile.

Guido Bungenstock and the 48 Volt Studio Hamburg have created a new excellent Kemper Amp® profile packages! In our opinion, the best currently on the market.

“We have been experimenting very long and finally found the “sweet spots“ that make this amp so popular. We have used first-class recording equipment such as the classic Neve® 1073 preamps from the Aurora Audio® Sidecar (Hand Built by Geoff Tanner). The results are extremely dynamic guitar sounds with soft silvery highs and rich punch. From Clean, over bluesy crunch to high gain. so all a rock guitarist actually wants!”

As a bonus, there are suitably programmed effect settings (Stomps & Effects) that you can turn on or off depending on your preference !!!

The free distribution or resale of Profiles to third parties is strictly prohibited and these conditions are accepted when purchasing these Profiles.

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10 reasons for our profiles

10 reasons that make our profiles so outstanding!

We spend a lot of time with

  • finding the right mics and mixer console settings
  • searching for the sweet spots
  • trying out different amp volumes
  • testing on different monitors
  • changing guitars & playing different styles
  • repeating profiling and refine
  • small tweaking of individual rigs
  • adding additional EFX
  • recording representable sound samples
  • extensive rig tagging

4 reviews for Kemper Amp Profiles-JSX

  1. Mike (verified owner)

    Fantastic profiles! Well done guys. The Bogner profiles are also awesome!

  2. Frank Eltze

    Much better than the first release. Great sounds with less tweakwork. THX and have the boogie mark v in mind

  3. Brad (verified owner)

    awesome, this one is my favorite….for this week! lol. they’re all brilliant

  4. Gary (verified owner)

    Fantastic profiles, I`m using with a powered kemper through a 2×12 in a live situation, OUTSTANDING.

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