Gitarrenamps fuer Profiling gesucht

Eine persönliche Nachricht von Guido Bungenstock:
Wie Ihr sicherlich wisst, haben wir bereits jede Menge eigene Amps (bzw. von guten Freunden) geprofiled: Aber jetzt gehn uns die Verstärker langsam aus. Jetzt seid Ihr an der Reihe! Wir suchen neue Amps zum Profilen im Norden Deutschlands (im Umkreis von Hamburg bis ca. 75 km)
Wir können dem Verstärker-Eigentümer (nur Privatleute/keine Geschäfte od. ä.) folgendes anbieten:
+ Wir holen deinen Amp persönlich ab und bringen ihn in ca. 2-3 Tagen später wieder zurück (oder Du bringst ihn einfach persönlich vorbei).
+ Du erhältst als Dankeschön ALLE unsere bisherigen Profiles PLUS natürlich die Profiles von deinem Amp!
+ Falls du ein Custom Profile (mit deiner persönlichen Soundeinstellung deines Amps und deiner eigener Gitarre!) wünschst, kannst Du auch gerne zu uns in’s Studio kommen und uns über die Schulter schauen.
Falls Interesse besteht, schreibt mir bitte per Mail und ich melde mich dann gern zurück!
Vielen Dank! Euer Guido(rist) 

WICHTIGER HINWEIS (da viele bereits nachgefragt haben)
Falls Ihren Euren Amp lieber zu uns verschicken möchtet, müsstet Ihr selber für für Versand, Verpackung, Abholung, Versicherung etc. sorgen, das könnten wir leider nicht übernehmen. THX!


Video with G. Bungenstock, J. Zetterberg, L. Crowe & L. Edvall

A new video is online! This cool international collaboration performed an awesome interpretation of Playing With Fire (Richard Marx).

Line up:
Guido Bungenstock (Guitars, Keys, Producer)
Johann Zetterberg (Bass)
Larry Crowe (Drums)
Lars Edvall (Vocals)

Guido Bungenstock used for this song the Kemper® Amp Profile  Me Boo MV 25 (Seeking to re-create the sound of a Mesa Boogie® Mark Five: 25) which can be purchased here in the shop. >>>



This new SOLO GUITAR – PACKAGE FOUR contains 10 melodic Rock Licks that Guido Bungenstock impressively demonstrates by using typical phrasing techniques like bending, vibrato, slide, tapping and much more. All is explained in detail at different speeds how to build sophisticated melodic rock solos. As usual all technical nuances are shown in the transcription and guarantee many hours of practice fun.

Download (1.67 GB) includes:

  • 10 Rock licks
  • Videos
  • Detailed explanation (english)
  • Notation/Tabs in pdf and Guitar Pro 6® format
  • Jam Track
  • EXTRA BONUS Kemper® Amp Profile used on this track (1 Amp profile of the Diesel V4)

Get it here at the shop >



Video Teaser | Fanfields II – A Fans’ Tribute To Toto

FANFIELDS II – A Fans’ Tribute To Toto!  “I’m very proud to be part of this great project”, Guido Bungenstock says. “Please buy the album at Indiegogo to support!” Dedicated to Fergie Frederiksen, Mike Porcaro and Jeff Porcaro. Profits donated to ALS fund, Cancer fund, Michael Porcaro Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. This project is backed and support for a full 100% by TOTO!

The song Without Your Love (Paich) on this video is completely recorded with the Kemper® Amp Profile Bognar XTC (Seeking to re-create the sound of a Bogner® Ecstasy 101b) Get this awesome profile here



New Kemper Amp profiles

Guido Bungenstock creates in collaboration with the 48 Volt Studio Hamburg and Joe Calvanelli of iostudio.de excellent Kemper® Amp profiles for guitar & bass (Bognar XTC, Pvy JSX, Soldariu Hot Rod & Martial JayTea, Martial Brit 800/900 & Voice 15 Combo, Pvy 5xx0, Me Boo One Refire & Antpak AsWeTe)! Simply the best currently on the market.*

“We have been experimenting very long and finally found the “sweet spots“ that make these amps so popular. We have used first-class recording equipment such as the classic Neve® 1073 preamps from the Aurora Audio® Sidecar (Hand Built by Geoff Tanner). The results are extremely dynamic guitar sounds with soft silvery highs and rich punch. From Clean, over bluesy crunch to high gain. so all a rock guitarist actually wants!”

As a bonus, there are suitably programmed effect settings (Stomps & Effects) that you can turn on or off depending on your preference !!!

Get these profiles at the SHOP!

  • I’m thrilled. His profiles are very well done, very fat sound, great job!Michael Wagener
  • Awesome job on profiling the XTC Guido, spot on! Marco Sfogli
  • Your won! Congratulations! The best XTC I´ve ever heard!Gitarrenschlumpf
  • The Bogner xtc pack is just awesome!Geurtsema
  • Wow, the Bogner sounds incredible! You got me as a client!Michael Mellner
  • The new JSX got more treble & hair! Good job!Kempermaniac
  • Awesome profiles!Dome Caligula
  • Thanks mate! I am very pleasantly surprised. These profiles kick ass!Daddo Oreskovich
  • The clean and crunch with a Fender Strat are amazing!Roland Heidersdorf
  • The Bogner pack is a killer!Eltzeljupp
  •  Bought the XTC pack, totally impressed and highly recommendAndy King

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